Our New VW Multivan


Last week we bought a Volkswagen T4 Multivan and named it “Elliot.” The name was cleverly chosen by Linda’s Mom using our initials and their German pronunciation; “L” (pronounced “Ell”) and “J” (pronounced “Yuht”). Put them together and voila, “Elliot!”

Like our previous car in Chicago (VW Rabbit/Golf), we wanted a van with stick-shift (manual transmission) as it’s more fun to drive, plus we’re able to influence our fuel usage/mileage more so. And speaking of fuel, we were fortunate to find a van with auto gas (LPG) which is better for the environment and saves us money (since we’re going to be driving so much!). Also, the van’s spacious interior is perfect to work/sleep in and accommodate our gear.

After a couple days of rigorous cleaning, the van looks great! We’re excited to get him tuned up and out on the road!

Here’s a short VIDEO clip introducing our new adventure bus:

– J